The ADN mission is to build capacity for the advancement of inter- and transdisciplinary research on the social-ecological impacts of hydroelectric dam construction in the Amazon. The network aims to synthesize and share lessons learned from hydroelectric dam  implementation in the Amazon and the United States focusing on an adaptive management approach within the complex social-ecological systems (SES) theory.

This online workshop which consists of five online panels will promote an inter-, multi-, and transdisciplinary dialogue within distinct knowledge areas converging on the theme of Adaptive management and alternatives to hydroelectric dams in the Amazon. Using lessons learned and experiences from several dammed rivers in the world, the main goals of this event are to: I) Provide recommendations to improve the planning process and management of social-environmental impact of projects in the Amazon region; II) Present hydropower alternatives.

As part of the activities of the upcoming workshop, we are organizing a series of webinars to foster forward-thinking discussions on Governance, Adaptive Management and Alternatives to Hydroelectrics in the Amazon.

The webinars will serve to present alternatives to hydropower and recommendations to improve the process of planning and managing socioenvironmental impacts of such infrastructure projects in the Amazon.

Check out the webinar series page for more information!